The new EK-623U(W)



EIKI has launched EK-623U(W) as an upgraded value-oriented laser projector with a better visual performance in terms of brightness and color, all with lower power consumption. The projection image looks brighter by fine-tuning white coordinate even though actual brightness (ANSI lm) is the same as before. In addition, improved color coordinate covers 97% of the Rec.709 (HDTV primary color space) which means that colors are more highly reproduced on screen compared to the original EK-623U which covers only 94% of Rec 709.

In addition, EK-623U(W) reduces the power consumption with about 16% at normal brightness mode in comparison with the original EK-623U. It can be said that the EK-623U(W) is more economical and eco-friendly. Also, according to the growing preference for white cabinets, the cabinet’s color was changed to white.